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Customer Service Representative

On-siteGTQ 4,400 - GTQ 6,700 per monthCall Center English

Job description

This company is a prepaid cell phone service provider that offers 21 different service plans ranging from 30 days to a full year, no-contract mobile phone provider.

Role Description (Job Purpose)

As a customer service representative, your role is to provide utmost customer service quality for one of the biggest wireless companies in the United States. Your role consists in providing an excellent experience to the customer by placing selling points towards the different product options as well as guiding the customers through a complete array of services accessible to them. Since the company carries different brands, as a customer service representative, you must be knowledgeable of these products and brands to provide a complete and satisfying customer service experience.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

- Answer incoming phone calls from customers and identify the type of assistance the customer needs (billing and payments services, troubleshooting steps, activation and reactivation of services, transfer to the proper department)

- Ask appropriate questions and listen actively to identify specific questions or issues while documenting required information in computer systems

- Resolve a problem through to resolution on behalf of the customer in real time or through comprehensive and timely follow-up

Scope of Support:

•Customer service

•Technical assistance

What we offer? Working Conditions

  • Free transportation within the city skirts
  • Discount programs for all our Allies
  • Referral Bonus
  • Attendance Bonus
  • Growth & Promotion opportunities
  • Health insurance
  • Free health care on site
  • Free mental health care

Job requirements

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • New ID
  • 18+ years old
  • 80% english required
  • Background and/or drug test may be required
  • No experience required

Soft Skills

  • Willingness to learn and a passion for helping people
  • Strong attention to detail and follow through
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in a growing organization
  • Self-motivated, positive attitude, and a love for hard work
  • Multitask
  • Committed & responsible
  • Assertive communication